How Visiting A Chiropractor Can Help You Lose Weight

How Visiting A Chiropractor Can Help You Lose Weight

Are those holiday pounds really beginning to add up? Have you tried diet after diet, but still manage not to lose weight? Visit a chiropractor and give this unconventional method a try!

Back pain is one of the most common aches in the United States, with 54% of people saying that they experienced it for 5 years or longer. Visiting a chiropractor helps fix it and reduce future occurrences. However, one of the hidden benefits of visiting a chiropractor is weight loss. Getting an adjustment does not directly cause you to lose weight. It rather helps establish a healthier body where you can burn calories easier. Chiropractic helps you stop taking pain medications that have potential weight gain side effects.

Weight Gain and Back Pain Relationship

If you suffer from chronic pain, you’re more likely to gain weight. The reason behind it is that you become less physically active, have poor sleep patterns, and eat more to gain comfort. It’s unclear whether the pain or the weight gain comes first, but there’s no doubt that these two often exist together.  If you suffer from a back injury, you are also more likely to gain weight because you are unable to do physical activities.

How Visiting a Chiropractor Helps Lose Weight

Chiropractic care helps the body in a more holistic level. Its goal goes beyond giving the immediate relief from your pain. It aids the body in its healing process and makes it better in managing itself from the inside, making it less likely for you to develop more health issues.

At Discover Health and Wellness Ken Caryl, Dr. Zagiba will examine your spinal column and check for misalignments. These can hinder your central nervous system, which makes it harder for your brain and body to communicate with each other. It worsens your body’s functions, including your metabolic system which hinders your ability to burn fat.

As your chiropractor performs adjustments through manual manipulation techniques, your spine returns to its normal alignment. The vital communication between your brain and body goes back to normal and so does your metabolic functions.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments to Your Physical Fitness

Your adjustment doesn’t immediately fix your back pain permanently. It does offer a great deal of relief in most cases. Pain relief and management take several visits to accomplish.  The benefits of these chiropractic adjustments will work wonders for your overall health.  Here is how:

It Improves Nerve Communication

Your spine’s nerves have communication pathways that control your hunger and fullness. When you adjust your spine, it opens up these pathways and relieves the stress of pain. It helps you know better when you need to eat and when you should stop.

It Makes Your Daily Movements More Comfortable

Working out is a great way to lose weight, but all your daily activities contribute to it as well. When you start walking less and sit more instead of doing chores due to pain, an adjustment can help. It brings you relief and makes you more active in general.  The more you move throughout the day, the more calories you burn. On average, you can get rid of up to 350 calories daily with all these small movements.

It Makes Exercise Easier For You

When your body hurts, you’re less motivated to hit the gym and lift weights and run on the treadmill. Forcing yourself to exercise through the pain means that you’ll do a fraction of the intensity and duration of the workouts you usually do. Chiropractic adjustments help you relieve your back pains, which means that you can go back to your workouts and burn more calories.

It Reduces Your Stress-Eating Habits

An average person deals with stress through eating food to get some comfort. When your back hurts, your body becomes stressed. It increases your desire to eat junk food like chips to make you forget about your pains. Once you start visiting a chiropractor, you can focus on making healthy foods and picking out proper snacks. You can motivate yourself to start taking walks after dinner instead of sitting in front of the television with a bowl of chips.

It Improves Your Cholesterol Levels

Overweight people have higher levels of bad cholesterol. If you do a low-fat diet, you can lose weight faster and shed the excess low-density lipoprotein. With a healthy cholesterol level, your risk for cardiovascular disease becomes lower.

It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

If you’re overweight, your heart’s health is at risk because it’s strained more. It causes your blood vessels to get damaged, which results in possible loss of eyesight. Not doing anything can lead to fatal strokes. Losing weight relieves you from the strain. It helps lower blood pressure, which is crucial when you’re undergoing a weight-loss program or diet.

It Builds Confidence

When you work out and lose weight, you become more confident about how you appear to other people. You feel great about yourself because you know how hard you worked to get in shape.  When you feel good about yourself, you’re more comfortable in social situations. This makes it easier for you to form meaningful connections and do and build relationships!

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