Assisted Stretching


Assisted Stretching

Stretching is by far one of the best things you can do yourself to maintain and restore physical health. However sometimes due to old injuries, pain, time constraints, or other issues it can be daunting or impossible to do yourself. Our Massage Therapist, Robyn has taken special courses to provide Assisted Stretching. This allows the patient to just focus on relaxing, while allowing the Massage Therapist to do the movement to offer a deeper and easier stretch for the patient.


Benefits of Assisted Stretching

You may be asking, “why Assisted Stretching? Can’t I do that on my own?” Most of the time the answer to that question is yes, you absolutely can. However, there are some amazing benefits to getting a little assistance. Some muscles are very difficult to stretch on our own due to the position we have to be in to properly work the muscle. By adding an extra set of hands, it allows the body to completely relax while stretching, leading to better results from a deeper and more accurate stretch.  By taking extra courses in this matter, Melissa is highly trained in Assisted Stretching to ensure you get the best stretch possible while making sure you are addressing all of your muscle issues and their sources.

Assisted Stretching is also a great option for people who are dealing with certain injuries making them unable to maintain proper stretching position, or it’s too painful and needs help controlling their stretching to prevent re-injury. Other people like the accountability of having an appointment or some just need a boost to get started working on it on their own again, among many other benefits and reasons to do assisted stretching. So if you haven’t tried an Assisted Stretching session before, don’t wait! It can completely change the way you look at stretching.

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