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Healthy Foods Your Chiropractor Would Suggest

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All food is composed of nutrients, which are the building blocks of life. The health of our spine and surrounding muscles rely heavily on which nutrients we do, or do not, provide our bodies. By harnessing the immense power contained in your diet, you unlock your body’s capacity for healing. The benefits range widely, even in treatment of osteoarthritis, and result in increased disc health.

The BBC reports that back pain and degeneration is linked to a lack of nutrients, indicating that diet can even contribute to preventing injury. Here are some healthy foods your chiropractor would suggest:


  • Salmon (and other coldwater fish)- Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which decreases inflammation in blood vessels and nerves, and improving blood flow, This provides the discs with vital oxygen and nutrients helping it to heal and staving off degeneration. It also includes calcitonin, which, according to clinical studies, reduces inflammation in joints (including the facet joints in the spine).


  • Olive Oil- Contains anti-inflammatory compounds and has been proven to reduce spinal column cartilage inflammation. This controls back pain and stiffness. EVOO contains a compound similar to ibuprofen.


  • Turmeric– Turmeric has traditionally been used to alleviate pain and aid digestion. It’s active substance is curcumin. It helps with joint inflammation and protects from tissue damage and destruction.


  • Green Leafy Vegetables– Rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin A and C that help restore cellular health, and anti-inflammatory flavonoids.


  • Broccoli– This vegetable is truly a powerhouse. It contains Magnesium, which maintains muscle tone and bone density, and plays a big role in muscle contraction and relaxation. It also contains calcium, essential for healthy bones and bone mass, and vitamin K, which is needed for bones to use calcium properly. Iron is also included, which is an important factor in myoglobin production, which is a component of the healthy muscles needed to support the back. Lastly, broccoli contains vitamin c, which is needed in collagen production, healing vertebral discs and keeping tissues strong.


  • Red Grapes– These contain resveratrol, which blocks the response to inflammatory signals in certain cells. They also contain anti-oxidants, protecting and reversing cellular damage.


  • Thyme– Interestingly enough, thyme has been shown to be effective in combating pain by interfering with the way it is perceived by the body.


  • Beets– Beets are full of antioxidants that repair damage done by inflammation. It also contains high levels of potassium and magnesium, which are powerful inflammation reducing agents.


  • Some other helpful additions (that include the same substances and benefits as above) are: chia seed, flaxseed, bok choy, blueberries, celery, ginger, whole grains, and sweet potatoes.


Discover Health and Wellness Ken Caryl Can Help

By increasing certain nutrients, you can lower inflammation, increase circulation, and build healthier bones. With foods like salmon, beets, broccoli, and olive oil, you can reap the benefits of a better back.

Discover Health & Wellness Ken Caryl wants you to get the most out of every visit. From chiropractic, to pain management, we have you covered. If you are experiencing back pain, or if you’d like more information on changing your diet, give us a call to schedule a consultation!

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