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How Cooking Can “Cook” Your Back

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A Necessary Evil

We all need to cook food for ourselves. Some of us may choose to eat take-out and frozen pizza for every meal, but that’s a whole other issue to discuss later. The issue we’re talking about today is how when one is cooking or preparing a meal, three times per day; their back will hurt after leaning over the stovetop, bending down to place items in the oven, and so on and so forth. These chronic back pains associated with someone who cooks often can be prevented though the following proactive methods.


Everyone has seen planking, but have you personally tried it? It can do wonders for your core and overall back strength. You’ll require this extra back strength if you intend on being in the kitchen for extended periods of time every day. Planking not only increases your back strength, but it can help you shed belly fat from all of that delicious food you’re making! You’ll be the chef with the six-pack in no time!

“Giraffe Drinking Water” Stance

This positioning may look ridiculous at first, but it can be a savior to those suffering from back pain whilst cooking. Apply this stance to your time in the kitchen and it can relieve many pressures associated with standing straight for extended periods of time. However, remember to alternate between differing stances throughout your cooking sessions.

Add a Butcher’s Block or Two

This technique is extremely beneficial to individuals over six feet tall. If you add one or two butcher’s blocks beneath your standard cutting board, you’ll find that you do not have to hunch over the prep area as much as you previously had to. This will prevent hunching, slouching, neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, and a host of other issues to from occurring. Try it out!

Good Ol’ Exercise & Stretching

The tried and true method of stretching before and after your activities and incorporating some daily exercise routines. There’s a reason why this method works so well, it’s effective! Stretching allows proper blood flow and realignment while exercise increases your blood flow and allows the nutrients in your body to circulate properly to the areas that require it most. Exercise also reduces stress and can allow you to be more reactive and agile in the kitchen and elsewhere, thus reducing your risk of encountering an injury that could prevent you from enjoying your passion.

Article written by Lakeline Chiropractic

Posted on 11-08-2016

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